About Us

Who We Are

I am Fabrizio Oriani and I am the Founder & Creative Director of GWD.
In 2012 I launched the GWD project to tell inspiring digital experiences about Men’s Lifestyle.

I am Charlene Williams (but you can call me Charley) and I’m the official photographer of GWD.

Our Values

Our motto is #Be1OfTheFew and these are our core values:

  • Sustainability: we work with brands who produce their goods in a local, sustainable and green supply chain.
  • Quality: we provide top notch quality © Made in Italy products to deliver superior value to our clients.
  • Passion: we are committed in heart and mind.
  • Exclusivity: you won’t be able to find our pieces anywhere else.

What We Do

We are the GWD‘s ultra niche multi-brand e-commerce website, to bring you a very exclusive selection of items (accessories, apparel, design objects and vintage pieces) for both Men and Women, curated by Charley and my self.

We strive to sell [FEW] timeless PIECES [ONLY] to last beyond the season…

In a world of standardization where the majority of people buy the same things, we thought exclusivity is what you are looking for;  you will not be able to find the majority of those pieces anywhere else and given the small quantity of pieces available, you can be sure you will #Be1OfTheFew!

Contact Us

For general inquiries please use hello@fewpiecesonly.com

For orders inquiries please use orders@fewpiecesonly.com

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