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Brand Identity

Two friends united by the passion for the history of style and the desire to establish themselves as true style references.

Emanuele Tumidei (@ life.file) and Matteo Pretolani (@michael_pretolani) together created MENADITO (@menadito_shopandstudio) a brand that already tells from the name, something well done and obviously handmade.

They have always known each other, Michael, the historic salesman of a Forlì store and Emanuele, a regular customer of the same, deepening their friendship in recent years by deciding to be foundersof one of the most dynamic and influential realities of all time,
where the rules are made to be broken without losing sight of the origins and foundations that have always characterized them.

Quality, research and style are their fundamental principles.

In fact, they base the entire project on customization, defining their Shop & Studio as a new generation tailor shop.

Customers can in fact buy as if theywere in a normal shop using a good variety of goods on display, but they can also decide to create their own garment starting from reference models and customize them by modifying fit and components.

The final touch that really leaves room for the imagination of the most creative is the choice of fabrics.

All of the above is the basis of Emanuele and Michael idea that every day we should wear what most reflects our personality, because this also affects our way of being and is too often underestimated.

Fashion and trends sometimes lead us to buy clothes to align ourselves with those that are the standards of the moment and that in fact others have chosen for us, but at MENADITO you are able giving souls to your choices.

“We try incessantly to offer sincere garments, with a history, starting from the research of models and materials; our models have ancient origins, but with our reinterpretations,  unique and exclusive customizations we make them together actual.
The fabrics come from private archives or warehouse funds thus limiting waste and excessive production of the clothing industry, which ranks second in the world for pollution levels.
Those that for others were production remains, for us are small treasures which give value to the garment making it unique and often not reproducible “

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