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The ProgettoFede brand is a creation of Aldo and Luca, who conceived it in 2006 and today represent its creative and propulsive soul respectively.
Fraternal friends since childhood, they have shared experiences of all kinds that have led them, among other things, to travel for long periods in Europe and Asia, allowing them to approach numerous foreign cultures and to deepen their understanding of some of these. in particular, certainly including the Russian one, of which both are profound connoisseurs.
Their first entrepreneurial experience is not directly connected to fashion, but it is still connected to music, leisure, counterculture and ultimately the sphere of youth aesthetics. In fact, recently opened one of the historic rock-clubs of the Romagna Riviera, which for over a decade will dictate the law in terms of extreme evenings and heterodox musical choices.
After 10 years lived as an uninterrupted rock’n’roll party, the idea of ​​channeling their energy towards a project that can fully express their creative potential in a more concrete way begins to emerge.
Thus ProgettoFede was born. From the first rings sketched perhaps on a cocktail napkin and made with limited means, this reality has developed over the years offering creations capable of combining a mistral technique of craftsmanship of silver and semi-precious or semi-precious stones to the choice of highly expressive original subjects . Elements that make ProgettoFede’s creations immediately recognizable and have led them to first arouse the interest of Italian distributors and today also of international ones.
In recent years, the brand has added a line of travel bags to the range of jewelry made with unusual materials, such as inserts made from antique kilims from the East and natural leathers, which blend into designs inspired by iconic models of the past.
A line of accessories is currently being developed, but in the near future the creative verve of the founders could also lead to new types of products, always interpreted through a very personal filter and free from stylistic compromises.

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