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Brand Identity

“Scalo Merci” was born in Milan three years ago, in the Central Station area, much more than a flea market, a real showroom of modern furniture and vintage accessories.
The journey begins with a small showcase that does not suggest the real space, which develops hidden, in line with the continuous search for the material that can be found inside, found in the most diverse homes.
The selection is always carried out with a single intent: to find a new reality for everything concerning home and person, from the vase to the hat, from the sofa to the ice crusher, from the chandelier to the carpet, without neglecting any type of material.
The public, increasingly prepared and demanding, seeks with ambition that particular object that alone can characterize an environment, making it unique, that touch that only a piece of another life can give, as if it had come out of the magical hat of the wizard of time. .
Tastes are indulged, mixed, reinterpreted, each person can be inspired by a shape, a color, a risky combination, an unexpected reuse, and shape our proposals on their own style.
Our way is to give a new splendor to something unfairly placed in an abandoned corner, showing how special certain objects are.
Harmony or amazement? Chic or Pop? Eclectic or classic? It doesn’t matter, what matters is that the piece has personality.

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