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Brand Identity

It is said that Eugenio Calabrese had more than 300 ties and that every day he chose one according to his clothes and mood. For his impeccable taste, those seeking style advice turned to him. So he decided to open a workshop in the heart of Naples, where tailor-made ties were made, with innovative models and refined designs. A passion that becomes a craft of art and soon gets a reputation for elegance and quality. Today Gaetano and Annalisa, third and fourth generations, lead the company with the same determination, bringing their inspiration and precious family experience to the world.
In the 1960s, new meticulous finishing touches were achieved for the tie, sewing three pleats in the corner parts to obtain a more harmonious fabric square on the inner side of the tie and a more square shape of the tip. Details that make this accessory more and more refined and comfortable. A product philosophy that covers the entire line of accessories offered under the Calabrese 1924 brand.
Colors and yarns are a source of daily inspiration. This sophisticated selection leads to a line of handcrafted top quality ties and accessories. A process that involves delicate hand steps to enhance shades and fabrics and create small sartorial masterpieces.

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